Does your mouth get wet when you eat?

Do you make sounds of anticipation when you smell a good meal, or when that first morsel is pressing between teeth and tongue? Have you ever moaned “Oh God” after you have tasted something extraordinary or during an orgasm? Hmmmm. Maybe I should have named this blog; “Everything You Wanted…

It’s edgy work and sometimes it’s controversial

Somatic means through the body. It’s edgy work. It’s sometimes controversial. Fair warning: I have a lot of opinions about how somatic bodywork should be practiced. What follows are my opinions and yes, they are shared by many of my colleagues. Just like in any field of practice, not everyone…

Pamela Madsen

Fearless Sexuality Educator, Writer & Advocate for a woman’s relationship with her whole self. Sensuality Retreats Around the World.Learn more

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